Account Maintenance


Cross-selling can boost institutional profitability as long as you identify the appropriate sales opportunities, improve the customer experience, and monitor training and reward programs. Our model specialists can help you create cross-sales databases for profitability and sustainability, while our analytics team monitors and analyzes their results and adjusts the programs accordingly.

Credit Line Management

Typically, a lender assumes a fixed amount of risk when a revolving credit limit is offered to a customer. In return for that risk they expect to generate revenue from any interest-bearing balances that arise. Since an account that goes “bad” is likely to do so at the full limit, it is important to get and keep the balances of “good” accounts as high as possible. Our team will help you implement strategies of Credit Line Increase, Credit Line Decrease, Renewal, as well as Marketing and Communication.

Marketing and Communication Strategies

Our Marketing and Communications team looks after everything to do with your marketing strategy and brand communications, both inside and outside the organization. This includes national and international advertising, projects that engage everyone at the institution, and integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns that encompass digital advertising, sponsorships, and events.

Behavior Score

Predictive behavior scoring helps on the application of differentiated strategies based on the segmentations applied to your portfolios. Several actions can be implemented during different phases of the credit cycle, for example line management, renewal process, cross sales, collections intensity as well as recovery efforts. Behavior scores are supported by data mining and are intended to help predicting risk and predefining mitigating actions.

Depending on the behavior score being developed it will be based typically on credit performance, payment ratios, line utilization, billings and wallet share analysis. Our Scoring Specialists will guide you through the creation, validation, and implementation of Behavior Scores.