Credit Acquisition

Credit Acquisition Systems

We help you to create, improve, or implement Intelligent Acquisiton Systems no matter which system you are currently using. Learn what your Approval Rate is, which are your top Rejection Reasons, and how you can improve.

Credit Policy Implementation

Creating a good Workflow, Decision-Tree, and Lending Authority for your policy will help your business succeed. With over 10 years of experience in Policy Implementation, our team can help you do just that.

Acquisition Score Development

Predictive scoring ensures consistent, reliable decision-making. Custom scoring models not only require data mining for improving revenues in your portfolio, they also speed up application processing, help predict risk, and enhance collection strategies by identifying accounts with the greatest recovery. Our Score Modeling Team will help you to create, validate, or implement a Credit Acquisition Score.

Approval Rates

Identify your best sales channels, improve your approval rate, and identify the strengths and weaknesses in your entire acquisition process from sales to booking.