Management Information Systems

Portfolio Segmentation

One of the most important tools for Risk Management is Portfolio Segmentation, which provides a precise methodology to identify and describe the characteristics of any segment required. Once you have this tool, any credit cycle can be analyzed, not only as a whole, but in all possible subdivisions.

Vintage Analysis

Uncertainty is an element to live with in every lending business, but it is possible to anticipate changing scenarios by comparing the performance of different vintages. This is the key for timely decisions as older vintages always have longer maturation periods.

Scoring Segmentation

Know your potential customers with advanced rating methodologies. You will be able to qualify their behavior through the entire loan history and obtain the most precise information to optimize the credit relationship, obtain long term returns, and increase overall portfolio health.

Portfolio Stress Early Warning

We provide Key and practical indicators to monitor the health of your Portfolio based on actual information from the performance of your customers.