Product Planning

Market Analysis

We provide market share analysis to help you see how you compare against competitors and market leaders, searching for and identifying target markets.

Target Market definition based on Risk

Based on profitability, we can help you to improve and validate your target market. Simply having the largest market share does not guarantee a healthy portfolio and best profitability.

Policy Definition

Using Behavior Scores, Generic Acquisition Scores, and Demographic Scores, we can help you to improve your policy definition to increase profitability, control losses, and clearly define your target market. Workflow implementation, best cutoff, customer profiles, and risk appetite are key. If you do not have a Score yet, we can prepare and implement it for you.

Pricing Definition

Pricing based on a 360-degree view of the customer. By analyzing your portfolio, we can help you determine the best pricing model, with profitability as our main goal.