Risk Managment

Portfolio Management

The driving force of any effort to develop and implement an internalized portfolio management and risk management process is the conscious decision, by Senior Management, to proactively monitor the performance profile created by the underlying business and/or portfolio (benchmark, target market, portfolio mix, risk-rewarded analysis).

Performance profile, simply defined, is a graph depicting how different values, such as gain/loss, income, or costs of a business or portfolio change as a result of variations in the associated price, interest rate, or exchange rate. This is usually done with the size of the business activity or portfolio remaining constant.

Policy Management

Based on your risk appetite we give you the guidelines that spell out how to decide which customers are eligible for different products, the exact payment terms, debt to income ratios, limits set on outstanding balances or cash advance usage. We’ll also help you on how to deal with delinquent customers, account disabling or credit line cancellations.

Collection Strategies

Our collections reports enable you to develop profitable strategies for recoveries, non-accrual and performing accounts. You will also be able to define preventive strategies for all segments in your portfolio and write off accounts.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

We will provide you with a complete set of reports covering the entire credit cycle and regulatory requirements, such as: Acquisition reports, portfolio reports, indicators of leading, coincident and lagged delinquencies, collections reports, and Basel parameters (PD, CCF, EL, UL, RWA). With our large set of MIS you will be able to spend more time for analysis, improving your risk management capacity and accelerating your decision-making process.